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Matjiesfontein – Train tracks & cricket bats

Matjiesfontein – Train tracks & cricket bats

Matjiesfontein , a small town with a big heart .

When you hear the name Matjiesfontein then you will probably have to google where the heck this town is in SA as it is a fairly unknown gem locked away in the vast lands surrounding it . Matjiesfontein consists of a train station , a hotel , a pub , museums and about 20 other houses .

When we first arrived we went into the Marie Rawdon Museum to gaze at the vast amount of relics on offer . It took us about 1 hour to do the hole tour because there were so many relics! This museum will show you old dentistry items , barber items , medicines and so much more from the time when. This is one of the biggest privately owned museums in South Africa .

We then went into the transport museum on the side of the town . The transport museum features cars from the 1930-1960 era which are in marvelous condition . Also on offer is a personal tour through two old trains which is quite spooky and a ex-London bus to be viewed .

For lunch we went to the Coffee House which was once Logan’s General Store in 1888 . This restaurant offer a peak into history with beautiful cupboards , stairwells , coal stoves , old records and so much more of the era when Logan started and founded this village . The coffee is also delicious!

Our last stop was the well known cricket field that was used in the Anglo Boor War in a legendary match between SA and the British . This is probably the least significant looking piece of history in Matjiesfontein but with the most significance to the era back when.

This was a quick small tour of this village but it was a great history lesson for the hole family .

I will definitely go back!