South Africa’s biggest, vastest piece of land – the Northern Cape province – yet it accommodates the country’s smallest population – only 3 people per square metre. This increases the feeling of openness and never ending sense of restfulness.

The Northern Cape has an arid to semi-arid climate, with rainfall less than 400mm per year. But this region is worldwide known for its spectacular explosion of spring wild flowers during August to October when the rain does fall. Then The Northern Cape is transformed by the exuberant colour of the daisies. The best place to go and just sit between the flowers is Namaqua National Park. They promise a children’s dream experience when you visit in spring.

Six National Parks are found in this region – all paying tribute to different exceptional natural phenomina in their areas. The Namakwa National Park is about wild flowers in springtime.

Kgalagadi National Park is Africa’s first cross-border park, including South Africa and Botswana land and opening up the border to Namibia. It is one of the largest remaining protected natural ecosystems in the world and provides a feast of animal and birdlife as well as rare plant life.

The Ai-Ai Richterveld Tranfrontier Park shows the desert in all its splendour and includes the Fish River Canyon and the Ai-Ai Hot springs.

Augrabies Falls National Park showcase the thundering Augrabies Falls where the sounds and spray of the waterfall leaves you awed. The moon rock is also a prominent feature and walking to its summit gives one stunning views of the park.

Tankwa Karoo National Park is the ideal destination to experience the Karoo – its vastness, stillness and patience with all small creatures. Watch the stars and enjoy the silence that reaches into your sole.

Mokala National Park is situated in the south eastern side of the Northern Cape and is a semi-desert park with isolated dolerite hills giving way to large open sandy plains with a lot of Camel Thorn trees – a real treat in seclusion.

Furthermore Kimberley, the capital of The Northern Cape is in itself a jewel to visit. Museums about the diamond rush and living on the diamond fields and the Big Hole – a hand excavated hole for mining diamond – can be visited here.

The Northern Cape stars are an extravaganza and Sutherland is well worth visiting to have a closer look at the stars and then the Orange River, slithering through this province, welcomes all to come and enjoy its coolness and adventures that can be found in this hot, dry land.

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