The Free State forms the heart of South Africa – firstly because it is situated in the middle of South Africa and secondly because field crops produced in this region sustains the country and gave The Free State the nickname of being the countries “breadbasket”.

Flat, grassy plains as far the eye can see with here and there a kopje and crop fields everywhere in between in large areas. Mining and petrochemical activities provides this province’s skyscrapers. Then in the eastern parts of The Free State the Maluti and Drakensberg foothills start and change the whole Free State scene with beautiful sandstone cliffs. Two of South Africa’s big rivers forms the boundries of the Free State on the north and south side and the Vaal river is the place where rest and adventure is to be found. As a tourism centre, this area is a hidden gem. Five tourist routes was designed to show off the many facets tourists can enjoy – this BIG 5 facets being cultural, natural, geographical, culinary and commercial.

The Basotho Cultural Village is rich in Sotho history – the original habitants of the Free State

Arts and crafts as well as superb local cuisine can be sampled at Clarens as well as Parys.

Golden Gate National Park, with its brilliant shades of gold cast on the sandstone cliffs by the sun, is a natural wonder at the foot of the Maluti mountains. South Africa’s most valued San rock art is found around Clarens, Bethlehem, Wepener and Ficksburg.

Gariep Dam – 100km long and 23km wide – a guided tour awaits to take tourists within the walls of South Africa’s largest dam. AND this is the place to game view by boat! Ficksburg hosts the Cherry Festival – you guessed it - this region grows cherries and has found a great way of show casing their produce. v The Vredefort Dome – the largest visible meteor impact site in the world – is nestled in a hill range between Vredefort and Parys.

Parys on the Vaal – water adventure as well as rock climbing and every other adventure imagined can be found around this holiday destination for every taste and budget. O yes and let’s not forget – Phakisa. This race track is rated the 4th fastest in the world by Valentino Rossi. O Yes – and Witsieshoek and Bloemfontein and…….and so it continues.

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