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What is the best way of getting around South Africa?

There is a good inter-city flight service and most car hire companies are present at all the airports. A fly/drive option is best.

Remembering that South Africa is a big country by European standards. The driving distances from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth is ± 600km and Johannesburg to Cape Town ± 1400km to give you an idea.

Inter-city bus services are a cheaper option; rail is not recommended.

What are the 'must see' destinations in South Africa?

Wow, there are so many. If I had to pick just three, (in order of priority), these would be (a)Cape Town, (b) a game park or reserve and (c) one of the natural areas - Hermanus, perhaps the Garden Route or the winelands surrounding Stellenbosch.

Is it safe to visit South Africa?

Yes and no. If one is careful, obtains the relevant information and takes basic safety precautions like you would do in iny other county, yes, South Africa is as safe as anywhere else. If you're careless, leave your belongings lying around and explore unknown places at the wrong time, you're tempting fate.