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Sutherland – SALT and frostbite

Sutherland – nothing to do or a hive of business ? Ever since my eyes were opened to the great world of traveling Sutherland has been at the top of my list and finally the urge for the coldest place in SA has been set free . With not many places to stay in Sutherland […]

Hike parts of SA for your next adventure !

Our long weekend is over and it’s back to our normal lives, but if you are like me then you still wonder where you can go next. What new adventure will await you and I have to say that the thought of traveling excites me! It doesn’t matter that I only recently got back from […]

Castle of Good Hope – Cape Town

Today we are looking a bit at some of South Africa’s history. Most people think about the apartheid era as the most important part of our history, but for me I would have to say that the arrival of Jan Van Riebeeck and the Dutch settlers is of the utmost importance because it is where […]

People of South Africa are in need!

South Africa! There is such a variety of people, cultures, beliefs and values. You sometimes get lost in the wonder of seeing all these people living together in one place. I know that sometimes tourists are afraid to come to our beautiful country, but life isn’t without risks.  If you aren’t willing to overcome that […]

Traditional food found in Gugulethu

Previously we spoke of what really makes South Africa unique and how you as a tourist can experience it in full! Well here is an experience that will show you the heart of South Africans! If I can say one thing about South Africans then it is that we love our food. Some would even […]

Sun City – relax and enjoy!

If you are looking for that getaway experience, but you still want to be lavished in luxury then Sun City is the place for you. You will not only experience the African heat but also be pampered by the beauty and rest that only Africa can provide. Sun City is known as one of the best […]

Restaurants – The hidden gems!

Walking down the street, suddenly you stop. It isn’t violence or beauty that makes you stop in your tracks. No, it’s the lovely aroma filling the air. Which one of these restaurants is it? Do I stop or not? I have to tell you guys we are so blessed to have some of the greatest […]

PARKRUN – Run , Eat , Coffee , Repeat

Don’t you want to start your weekend with a bang? I mean Fridays are the days where you start to get into that weekend vibe and forget about the week that was way too long! Well if you are like my family there is no better way to start a weekend than with a fun […]

UShaka Marine world – The Water Wonderland

If there is something you need to do in South Africa then it is visiting Ushaka Marine World in Durban!! What a FANTASTIC place to go to! You will experience the joy of the water world. I have always been a lover of the ocean, or really anything to do with water.  Swimming is such a […]

Windmills – A main attraction in SA?

I have something quite funny to discuss with you guys today. South Africa’s fantastic windmills!! Do you know that there are over 250 000 windmills all over South Africa? We are second on the list for countries with the most windmills. How bizarre is that? But I have to be honest, when you are on a […]

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